About Photography

Photography is not all about the camera . It is said that the art of photography is playing with light . Without light , the photography was impossible there . Produce a good picture , must have a strong vision in terms of ‘ seeing ‘ . Attention to light , composition and moment are the things that are important to consider in making images that can be categorized as ‘good ‘ .

However , it seems impossible to produce a picture like that if it does not know and understand each basic technical photography . Photography is not all about the camera , but the camera is a tool to deliver our vision . So , in case need to know and understand how the camera works .

The main task of the camera is set up and the intensity of incoming light at the end of the film / sensor ( hereafter I call medium ) . If , cameras allow too much light entering the medium will be burned ( over exposed ) . And vice versa . How that light entering it is not excessive and no less , or in other words ‘ fit ‘ . Here I describe one -on-one .

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